Sunday, May 30, 2010


So has anyone ever dealt with property management???  It is one big headache, let me tell you!  My aunt had asked me to do her a favor and take over managing her apartment building (8 units) while she was away on business in Iran for 3 months.  She assured me that it would be nothing more than getting a few calls a month regarding clogged sinks, a toilet that won't flush.... things of that nature.  Since it's my aunt and she said she would pay me for my time I thought why not how hard can it be?  Two days after she left I received notice from 2 of the tenants that they would be moving out.  Great....  Ok I can handle that.  Now Ive found tenants to replace the old ones however accommodating to their numerous demand has been awful!  I had to do credit checks, rental agreements...  And on top of that purchase new appliances!  I am exhausted with this, it's something that I had no idea how to deal with.  Wow so that is my past couple of weeks in a nutshell.... lol oh and I got a call from another tenant yesterday that she will be moving out at the end of next month yay... lol  What a headache this has been

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hi everyone :) I was happy to see that I have 5 followers already lol Im moving up. I am feeling like a writer with a writers block when it come to blogging. I find it somewhat difficult to just freely write all the things on my mind...... I have been so busy lately and maybe this blog is just what I need to sit down and just write.... Does anybody else feel the same way?? Currently I am also takin A&P II and it has proven to be wayyyyyy harder than A&P I. I have always prided my self in striving towards a high grade since I began at Kaplan (it makes me feel good because I blew it when it came to highschool). However this Anatomy class is killing it lol I find it all so interesting but the terms have gotten way more difficult to retain. On a more positive note I am looking forward to being able to write about a chosen topic in my college comp II class. I feel that I will not have too much difficulty because I have chose a topic that intrests me greatly. The only part I am worried about is APA formatting. I don't know why but it scares me lol...... Well thats enough rambling for now :) Have a great day

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to my first blog :)

Well here's to my first attempt at blogging.... My name is Hanna and this is a test run LOL