Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wow...... it's the last week already?

So in regards to improving my writing........  I feel pretty confident that I know what areas need attending to.  For some reason I just can't seem to perfect APA format.  I don't know why I struggle with it, but I find it very frustrating.  I also think that I need to learn how to strengthen a thesis statement.  In unit 9, we submitted our projects and my topic was on the effect of eating disorders mainly focusing on Hollywood and the media's influences on that.  I was a little bit disappointed with the grade that I received but after reading the comments from the professor I understood why I received that grade.  It also solidifies the fact that I am aware of what areas need strengthening.  I sometimes find it hard to leave out information that may not need to be there.  I had a hard time on my paper because there was so much information that I wanted to (and did) include discussing statistics and information on eating disorders.  However none of that really pertained to my thesis abut Hollywood and the media being partly to blame.  I felt I needed to include it though because I wanted to put extra emphasis and understanding on  just how terrible eating disorders can be.  All in all I feel relieved that that paper is over though lol, I will learn from the mistakes that I made on this one and strive to do better in the future on other writing assignments.  It's been fun :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am relieved :)

Well I have 2 classes for this term that are coming to an end I I honestly feel pretty relieved.  I felt like both classes were on the challenging side, and while I do enjoy a challenge, two of them at a time can feel a little overwhelming :)  With daunting papers due in both classes I feel like I have been doing nothing but researching and writing for the past few weeks lol.  I feel like I learned a lot and I am excited to go on to my next term because I am finally going to be able to have electives!  It has been really fun learning with all of you and I am happy that we will continue to blog together lol  take care

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

is anyone even paying attention?? lol.....

Hey everyone who reads my blogs....... I feel so guilty that I don't respond to more of my peers blog posts :(  I have gotten a few comments and it makes me feel happy to see that someones actually reading what I have to say lol.  I think the reading for the lack of response on my part is just that I don't see updates on every ones poss right away.  I mean with social networking sites like facebook or myspace, you get notified when people update something on their page.  With the blogs it takes a little more work on the reader's part to seek out what has been written by the blogger.....  I will make the conscious effort to comment on more of the blogs that I am following, just so that the blogger's know that what they have to say does matter and I am interested :)  Hey so quick question, who feels that this blog will be something that you will continue to use after this unit is over?  I personally think I might still use it.  I kinda like jut typing in a random nonsensical blabber that doesn't need to follow a format and can really be based on whatever I feel like writing about..... Almost like a nice way to vent huh?  Well thats all for now guys.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ahh the wonder's of peer review.....

This week in seminar we discussed peer review......  Honestly I feel like peer review is one of the most helpful tools that we are able to utilize at Kaplan or in any academic setting period.  I mean being able to have someone else read your work and give you their feedback is priceless.  Sometimes when I write I feel like all the words have blended into each other and they no longer make sense.  If I am able to have some one read my writing that is a peer and is in the same boat as me (working on a writing assignment), I feellike their feed back is truly valuable.  I appreciate honesty because anything otherwise just isn't helpful  You know it;s nice to tell people that their writing is great but it's also great to tell them what can be improved.  It gives the writer a better chance of succeeding at the assignment.  So I hope that in this class, we as peers can continue to give each other useful and helpful reviews :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


 Soooo I am having a little difficulty focusing this weekend.......  I feel like I have so much to do but I cant seem to get my motivation going I don't know whats wrong with me.  I'm starting to think that maybe I like stressing myself out lol....  Is any body Else experiencing motivation issues?  It's not just with my school work it's with everything this weekend!  I would love to get some procrastination beater tips.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My personal writing style....

I feel that my personal writing style is described in one word: spontaneous.  I say this because I find writing very difficult and the words don't come easily.  However, when it comes down to it, all of a sudden the words just start flowing!  I find free writing to be a HUGE part of the way I write.  Outlines are something that I would like to use, just because they seem to make the process more fluid and organized.  But overall my writing style has worked for me so far :)  I find myself just sitting down and writing and writing and then when my train of thought is lost, I will go back over and read what I have just wrote.

Monday, June 7, 2010


So I finally have something to look forward to!  My boyfriend and I will be going to Hawaii for 9 days on June 29th :)  However, as exciting as Hawaii sounds.... for me it's home.  I lived there for the first 19 years of my life before I moved here to Los Angeles.  The reason I am so excited is because my boyfriend has never been there and  he is going to meet all of my closest friends and family for the first time!  I mean living here for the past two years that we have been together, we've been around his family and friends all the time, but now it's my turn lol.  I am really excited because the main reason we are going is because the first of my little group of girlfriends is finally getting married after being with her boyfriend  for 8 years!  More than half of them have kids already..... But this is the first wedding :)  So yeah something exciting to look forward to.  Is anyone else getting the luxury of going somewhere this Summer?

Sunday, May 30, 2010


So has anyone ever dealt with property management???  It is one big headache, let me tell you!  My aunt had asked me to do her a favor and take over managing her apartment building (8 units) while she was away on business in Iran for 3 months.  She assured me that it would be nothing more than getting a few calls a month regarding clogged sinks, a toilet that won't flush.... things of that nature.  Since it's my aunt and she said she would pay me for my time I thought why not how hard can it be?  Two days after she left I received notice from 2 of the tenants that they would be moving out.  Great....  Ok I can handle that.  Now Ive found tenants to replace the old ones however accommodating to their numerous demand has been awful!  I had to do credit checks, rental agreements...  And on top of that purchase new appliances!  I am exhausted with this, it's something that I had no idea how to deal with.  Wow so that is my past couple of weeks in a nutshell.... lol oh and I got a call from another tenant yesterday that she will be moving out at the end of next month yay... lol  What a headache this has been

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hi everyone :) I was happy to see that I have 5 followers already lol Im moving up. I am feeling like a writer with a writers block when it come to blogging. I find it somewhat difficult to just freely write all the things on my mind...... I have been so busy lately and maybe this blog is just what I need to sit down and just write.... Does anybody else feel the same way?? Currently I am also takin A&P II and it has proven to be wayyyyyy harder than A&P I. I have always prided my self in striving towards a high grade since I began at Kaplan (it makes me feel good because I blew it when it came to highschool). However this Anatomy class is killing it lol I find it all so interesting but the terms have gotten way more difficult to retain. On a more positive note I am looking forward to being able to write about a chosen topic in my college comp II class. I feel that I will not have too much difficulty because I have chose a topic that intrests me greatly. The only part I am worried about is APA formatting. I don't know why but it scares me lol...... Well thats enough rambling for now :) Have a great day

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to my first blog :)

Well here's to my first attempt at blogging.... My name is Hanna and this is a test run LOL