Monday, June 7, 2010


So I finally have something to look forward to!  My boyfriend and I will be going to Hawaii for 9 days on June 29th :)  However, as exciting as Hawaii sounds.... for me it's home.  I lived there for the first 19 years of my life before I moved here to Los Angeles.  The reason I am so excited is because my boyfriend has never been there and  he is going to meet all of my closest friends and family for the first time!  I mean living here for the past two years that we have been together, we've been around his family and friends all the time, but now it's my turn lol.  I am really excited because the main reason we are going is because the first of my little group of girlfriends is finally getting married after being with her boyfriend  for 8 years!  More than half of them have kids already..... But this is the first wedding :)  So yeah something exciting to look forward to.  Is anyone else getting the luxury of going somewhere this Summer?


  1. Hi Hanna,

    I am so happy for you! Going home is always a great feeling and to share it with your boyfriend is even better! It sound like you will have a great time. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. It looks gorgeous there. In fact, I have always told my husband that if I win big in the lottery that I want to move there! LOL It looks so peaceful and it has to be quite a change from Los Angeles! It is always nice to have your friends and family meet that special someone in your life and for him to meet them since they are an extension of you! Best Wishes!
    The only place my husband and I are going is Atlantic City for our anniversary. We went there for our honeymoon so I figured we would return. It will be a great time!


  2. That's great Hanna. I hope you have a wonderful time. Make sure and plan ahead so school work won't interfer too much.