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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

is anyone even paying attention?? lol.....

Hey everyone who reads my blogs....... I feel so guilty that I don't respond to more of my peers blog posts :(  I have gotten a few comments and it makes me feel happy to see that someones actually reading what I have to say lol.  I think the reading for the lack of response on my part is just that I don't see updates on every ones poss right away.  I mean with social networking sites like facebook or myspace, you get notified when people update something on their page.  With the blogs it takes a little more work on the reader's part to seek out what has been written by the blogger.....  I will make the conscious effort to comment on more of the blogs that I am following, just so that the blogger's know that what they have to say does matter and I am interested :)  Hey so quick question, who feels that this blog will be something that you will continue to use after this unit is over?  I personally think I might still use it.  I kinda like jut typing in a random nonsensical blabber that doesn't need to follow a format and can really be based on whatever I feel like writing about..... Almost like a nice way to vent huh?  Well thats all for now guys.....

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  1. Hanna I think I will continue to blog after class even if nobody reads it. You are right it is nice to be able to type and just say what ever you want and ramble on. I sign in to my dashboard and it is easy to see when people post. It tells you when they posted it and who posted. Nice paper by the way best of luck to you. Happy 4th of July!!!!