Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ahh the wonder's of peer review.....

This week in seminar we discussed peer review......  Honestly I feel like peer review is one of the most helpful tools that we are able to utilize at Kaplan or in any academic setting period.  I mean being able to have someone else read your work and give you their feedback is priceless.  Sometimes when I write I feel like all the words have blended into each other and they no longer make sense.  If I am able to have some one read my writing that is a peer and is in the same boat as me (working on a writing assignment), I feellike their feed back is truly valuable.  I appreciate honesty because anything otherwise just isn't helpful  You know it;s nice to tell people that their writing is great but it's also great to tell them what can be improved.  It gives the writer a better chance of succeeding at the assignment.  So I hope that in this class, we as peers can continue to give each other useful and helpful reviews :)


  1. Hanna I agree with you. In seminar when I put my paragraph up, I was nervous. It was good to hear though I didn't do such a terrible job after all. Actually I am excited to get input on my paper, because I know it needs work and it will be so nice to know where I need to improve. Good Luck !!! :)

  2. I agree with both of you on this. Although I feel nervous about other students reading my paper when I know it needs work I know that they are going to be able to give me suggestions that will only help make my paper better. There are times I know I need work on it but am not completely sure what exactly needs work so having a peer give me feedback on what needs to be done is helpful. I wish you both the best of luck on your papers.